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أعضاء بإنتظار الإشراف والموافقة
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افتراضي السلام عليكم


السلام عليكم انا مش عارف افتح اللعبه عاوزه اورجن كود حد يرد و يقولى الحل يا جماعه لو سمحت


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بعد اذن الادمن ياريت من الاعضاء الموقرين بالمنتدي عن رفع ملفات الالعاب وخصوصا الالعاب ذات المسحات الكبيره يرجي وضع روابط تحميل تورنت لانة يوفر لنا عبئ تحميل الروابط منفردة ولكم جزيل الشكر والتقدير علي المجهودات المبزولة في المنتي


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أعضاء بإنتظار الإشراف والموافقة
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armed Northern Korea can be

Appearing Friday at a mutual news seminar with Southerly Korea's foreign minister, Kerry said the United States would not accept the North being a nuclear electrical power, adding that this war similar to rhetoric with the Kim Jong Not regime will be unacceptable.

"We are all united from the fact that North Korea will never be accepted as any nuclear electrical power," Kerry said. "The rhetoric that we are hearing from Upper Korea is merely unacceptable.Inch

Kerry arrived in Mexico on a diplomatic pursuit for lower increasing tensions within a region bracing for a probable North Malay missile launch or nuclear test. area of Guam. place of Guam.

"If Kim Jong Un makes a decision to launch any missile, whether or not it's across the Sea of The japanese or some other route, he will be selecting willfully to ignore the entire international neighborhood," Kerry advised reporters. "And it will be a provocation and unwanted work that will elevate people's temps."

Kerry said the test would have been a "huge mistake" for Betty.

"It will additional isolate their country and further isolate his people who are anxious for food rather than missile launches," he warned. "They are desperate for prospect and not for a leader for you to flex his muscles."

South Japanese Foreign Minister Yun Byung se named Pyongyang's threats any "grave provocation" to the complete international neighborhood. ally, could be the first goal if warfare breaks out on the Japanese peninsula.

CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan reports Kerry can travel to China Saturday for you to push China to cut it's extensive fiscal ties to be able to President Betty Jong Un's regime. Despite those jewelry, China can be struggling to find a method to Pandora Charms Sale Clearance influence North Pandora Charms Clearance Korea, Brennan stated. intel: N. Korea may put nuke on ballistic missile

Exactly why N. Korea's management aren't while crazy since they seem

In. military intelligence report that came to the conclusion North Korea has advanced its atomic know how to the reality that it could supply a ballistic rocket with a fischer warhead. The analysis, disclosed Thursday in a congressional hearing inside Washington, mentioned the Pentagon's intelligence wing provides "moderate confidence" that Upper Korea offers nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles but that the tool would be hard to rely on.

Pentagon spokesperson George Tiny said afterward, however, that will "it would be erroneous Pandora Jewelry Outlet to suggest that this North Malay regime has fully examined, developed as well as demonstrated the kinds of nuclear capabilities referenced" at the congressional reading. intelligence local community. "Moreover, North Korea has not nevertheless demonstrated the complete range of features necessary for any nuclear equipped missile," he said. recognized said it would be "premature" to say its northern border Koreans had gained the ability to miniaturize the Pandora Sale Nederland nuclear gun sufficiently for you to mount it on a ballistic rocket. CBS Media correspondent Maggie Brennan said the state described the operation of miniaturization as a "very, quite challenging task."

On Fri White House spokesperson The writer Carney also declared that it is the administration's review that "North Korea has not proven the capability to deploy a fischer armed rocket."

Carney also said that the us continues to strongly monitor Northern Korea's nuclear plan, "and calls about North Korea to recognize its international obligations.Inches

President Obama on Thursday advised calm, contacting Pyongyang to end it's saber rattling while sternly warning that he would "take almost all necessary steps" to guard American citizens.

It comes on the heels of a few months of provocative action and also war similar to rhetoric from Pyongyang, including talk of nuclear strikes from the United States however outlandish specialists consider this sort of threats. Nobody is discounting the danger completely after exams of a fischer device and ballistic rocket technology lately.

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يا جماعة الرجاء من الاعضاء وادارة المنتدي عند تحميل الالعاب ذات المساحات الكبيرة الرجاء رفع ملف
"تورنت "وشرح لتشغيل اللعبة خصوصا الفيفا لان الواحد بعد مابيحمل اللعبة وتطلع مش شغالة بيحبط نفسيا


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